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First, the customer inquires-the salesperson finds the customer service to inquire, the customer informs the business of the cost, and the business adds profit by itself or reports to the customer after the profit is added under the guidance of the manager-the customer confirms the order and completes the order-sends the booking power of attorney to the customer Fill in at the same time the clerk and the customer confirm the delivery or delivery time-after filling it out, the clerk pulls the QQ or WeChat group to send the booking power of attorney to the group, and at the same time, the delivery time, the exact time of the delivery, the delivery contact, and the delivery contact number , And other precautions are sent to the group. Foreign customers who do not have WeChat can not join the group but need to fill in the customer profile and send it to the inquiry customer service-the group should include, arrange delivery customer service, inquiry customer service, salesperson, customer As well as other related personnel, group name composition (customer company abbreviation + customer name + Baohang International Logistics)-follow-up operations include shipping data verification, customs declaration, order preparation, shipping, feedback on the progress of the goods, and the receipt status will be matched by the relevant customer service Operation and operation are not quoted. All matters related to expenses are directly communicated by the business and the customer. The salesperson should always pay attention to the information in the group to supervise the operation to reply in time or reply to the customer information in a timely manner-after the goods enter our warehouse, the business is responsible for billing Payment, payment arrival notification operation shipment.